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SharePoint 2013: Site Member

What is SharePoint?

The Role of the Site Member

  • Parts of the Screen
  • Navigating a Team Site

Working With Libraries

  • Important Considerations
    • Document Size
    • File Restrictions
    • File Name Character Restrictions
    • File Name Length
  • Sort Documents in the Document Library
  • Filter Documents in the Document Library
  • Read a Document
    • Check Out a Document for Editing
    • Check in a Document after Editing
  • Discard Check Out
  • Upload Documents to SharePoint
    • Upload a Single Document
    • Upload Multiple Documents
  • Create And Manage Folders in the Document Library
  • Delete a Document from the Document Library
  • Restore a Document from the Site Recycle Bin
  • Versioning
    • View Document Versions
    • Open a Version
    • Delete a Version
    • Restore a Version
    • Publish the Current Minor Version vs a Major Version


  • Enable Alerts for a Library

Working With Lists

  • List Overview
  • Changing List Data in Quick Edit Mode
  • Customizing a List

Managing Calendars and Tasks

  • Managing Calendar Events
  • Overlaying Calendars
  • Managing Project Tasks
  • Adding Tasks to the Timeline

Working with the Newsfeed

  • Editing Your Profile
  • Following Newsfeeds and Favorite Sites
  • Joining the Conversation

Integrating with Microsoft Office

  • Connecting to Outlook
  • Working with Excel